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Portland, Oregon

By Beryl Frank

Across the country... Portland, Oregon, has an outside clock from their Union Depot. The tower and the clock reach to the sky.

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The Union Station in Portland, Oregon, was dedicated on February 14, 1896. It was built in the Italian Renaissance style of a blend of brick, stucco and sandstone.

The clock, which measured 150 feet tall, was central to the design of the station. The clock was a four-sided Seth Thomas which is still hand cranked every week.

Originally the tower had no sign on it, but in 1928 two signs were added. One said 'Go by Train,' and the other read 'Union Station.' Both lit up at night and have been familiar to all who live and/or visit Portland, Oregon.

The picture of the station above dates to c-1900. Note the length of the ladies' gowns, the horse drawn carriages and the early automobile on the left.